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Investment Services

Risk Warning: Visitors to this site are reminded that the value of any investment may fall. iCSL provides information about investment methods, brokers and service providers based on its research and experience but in so doing, it is not recommending any particular investment.

Investment Opportunities

As an experienced investor you will understand that information is power.

iCSL has undertaken studies into a number of investment areas, both in terms of their potential to produce adequate returns, and the methods that may be used to make, and trade specific investments.

We do not share our findings with regard to the suitability of any particular investment area, be this positive or negative, in large part because the findings are often time-specific.

However, we felt it might prove useful to share some information on the methods, brokers and service providers that enable those wishing to invest in a particular market to do so.

Our aim then is to share with you information on unregulated investment opportunities that we have learned in the course of our consultancy work and through our corporate relationships.

We also aim to provide you with introductions and links to brokers and service providers with whom we have either worked, or through which we have established satisfactory trading arrangements.